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Welcome to Team 753. We are a team that is open to everyone, whether they know how to use the computers or not, whether they are considered "geeky" or "nerdy" or not. We are an open minded team that works together and over comes all obstacles. There are people that are on the team that have never imagined being on a robotics team and never thought they would be a part of building a working robot and succeeding. Those people have graduated high school with plans for a science, engineering and business based career and have been accepted into some of the most elite and well funded work forces and colleges. Being in the robotics team opens up the choices for a student. It involves technical skills, managing and marketing skills, and programming and engineering skills. Join the robotics team and experience skills you have never had, make connections you never thought you would make and go further than you ever thought you would!

Mountain View High's Open House

A Sport of the Mind

When you think of robotics, you probably  think of people in lab coats working around machines, which just seem to work the way they want them to. That is a complete misconception, building a robot in six weeks is a highly physical and mentally stressful task. Imagine, you are given a task to have a 120 pound robot (with water sensitive electronics) cross a toxic lake and deliver medicine to a village that  will fall gravely ill if they don't receive it in 6 short weeks. How many motors would you use? How would you keep it floating? How would you keep it dry? These are questions that need to be answered before building can even begin, then you have to prototype, then build. You will eventually have things go wrong, you will need to rebuild and re-machine parts. You will also need support of both the public and funding. So you need a researcher, developer, machinist, marketer, engineer, programmer and a job coordinator. which of those screams geek to you? None, right! Any person can join a FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) team. We need all aspects of people. You will meet great friends and have an experience of a lifetime! Just give it one try, you will be hooked for a life time! Who knows, maybe you will be the next person to put a rover on mars.

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