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About Us

We are the High Desert Droids, a group of highly motivated high school students with a shared interest in technology and in promoting the message of FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology), an organization dedicated to the encouragement of engineering and technology in young people. For the past ten years, we have been competing in FIRST competitions across the country. Year by year we get more into the message of FIRST. We go out into our community to events like The Bend Fall Festival, Central Oregon Pumpkin Festival and visits to different elementary school promoting the word of FIRST. We promote FLL and FTC as well as FRC. We mentor some of the LEGO teams around central Oregon, and last year(2012) we hosted a LEGO competition at one of our high schools. We believe that getting kids into technology and science in their early years is the best thing we can do.

Our Philosophy

Our team is structured differently from most other teams in the FIRST competitions. We are almost completely student-run: our two mentors act mainly as advisors and facilitators. The students organize events, design and construct the robot, produce the animations, and create all team paraphernalia and publications, including the website. This means we all have to work harder and learn more for our team to be successful.

What We Do

Every year we design and create a robot, which we then take to competitions to compete with teams from all over the United States; including nationals in Atlanta Gorgia in 2009. Our involvement in FIRST is not all about competing in tournaments. we are very focused on spreading the mission of FIRST throughout our community. We present our robot at community events such as the Bend Fall Fest and the Pumpkin Fest to encourage children to take an interest in science and technology. To further this goal, we also help local LEGO robotics teams in designing their robots and construct their pits; in addition our team provides much of the manpower for their regional LEGO competition. Since we are the only FIRST Robotics team in the area, the tournament's success depends on our participation.

Our Accomplishments

• 2013 Central Washington Regional Champions
• 2006 Engineering Inspiration Award (FIRST's second highest award)
• 2006 NW Regional Champions
• 2005 GM Industrial Design Award
• 2004 Sacramento Regional Champions
• 2004 Motorola Quality Award
• 2004 GM Industrial Design Award
• 2003 NW Regional Champions
• 2002 NW Regional Champions

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