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Build Season Update - Final

It's done

A lot of tireless nights have gone into building our robot; it is now bagged and tagged and ready to be shipped off. We will try to keep the website updated with live scooting info, robot statistics and more. We will continue to post updates as we are approach competition. Team 753 would also like to say good luck to all of the other teams and we can't wait to see you at the competition! 

cRIO Issue

cRIO issue

A cRIO imaging issue has halted our progress! Wait, no it hasn't, we are Team 753 we have planned for this issue..... Introducing second cRIO! Yes, we lost about five minutes, but we are in commission again. All SYSTEMS GO.

ROBOT GOAL 1: Robot finished in 8 days!

Build Season Update

With build season dwindling down to days, and our team members are stressed and tired, our robot is coming together. We are on the final stages and all that is left to do is melt some poly cord, mount some motors and cut some wire. Let's Go TEAM!


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